Blockchain for maximum transactional traceability.


We leverage the power of Web3 and Blockchain.

Greater traceability, security and trust.


Each transaction is stored in the Etherium network, ensuring that it cannot be modified later.


Blockchain allows our financial partners to have access, in real time, to all transactions.

Simple audits

Blockchain allows accounting audits to be much simpler and faster, with totally reliable data.


Blockchain allows all transactions to be fully transparent, an important factor in todays digital economy.

How does it work?

A sale is made

When a sale is completed, a hash and block of that transaction is generated in the Etherium network.

Data access

Authorized accounts have access to view our contracts and transactions on Etherium.

Full traceability

At any time our financial partners can access the information and have a complete view of the transactions.

Simple audits

Our contracts in Etherium allow audits and accounting controls to be simple and fast.

Let's build Incredix together.

We are looking for financial partners to help boost local economies in a sustainable way.

Reach more clients

We help your financial institution reach more clients.


A profitable financial product that helps you diversify your portfolio.


We have the tools to provide peace of mind and confidence.


A business model that is highly scalable.


We have a robust and cutting-edge technological stack.


Our team has been developing financial technology for many years.

Backed by the
Founder Institute.

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