A marketplace so you can sell more!


An online store where you can sell more!

Accepting Incredix is ​​simple, fast and secure.

Reach more clients, sell more.

A payment method that will help you sell more and access customers you cannot reach today.

Start selling in 5 minutes

You simply create your store, upload your products and our users can automatically buy them in installments.

For all stores, large or small

Any merchant can sell with Incredix, in a matter of seconds, and you can also have access to loans!

We're your strategic partner

We want you to succeed, so we'll constantly build features to help you just that.

How to sell will Incredix?

Create your account

We ask you for basic information about your company, business or undertaking, creating your account takes 60 seconds.

Upload your products

You upload the products you want to sell on our platform with product details, photos, stock, price, etc.

Orders from new clients

Our users place their orders and select if they want delivery or if they want in-store pick up.

You get paid

We send you the money from the sale, in its entirety on the spot.

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Great for shops. Why?

Because any merchant can sell with Incredix, in seconds.

Online, in-app

You load your products in our app and you sell in installments.

No infrastructure

You don't need any devices or special tech, you sell straight from the app.

Great costs

We have a lower cost per transaction than mobile POS.

Secured sales

Incredix secures all your sales. Yeah, that means no chargebacks!

Your money on the spot

The money from your sales is credited to you that same day.

We help you grow

You can access loans for businesses for whatever your needs may be.

¡Soon you'll be able to reach more clients and sell more with Incredix!

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Founder Institute.

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